The World’s Most Difficult Motor Races

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To most people, scorching deserts or blisteringly cold glaciers are not somewhere to spend a Saturday afternoon. To others, however, the most inhospitable climates the world has to offer mean one thing: a chance for adventure. Since the first cavemen were fashioning hiking boots out of leaves (probably), humankind has been seeking danger and excitement.

For some adrenaline junkies, however, merely visiting some of the world’s most exotic locations isn’t enough. Over the past century, a new form of competition has steadily evolved, spanning all seven continents.

Take the planet’s toughest climates. Add some individuals of questionable sanity into the mix. Throw in some supercharged engines, wave a chequered flag, and you’ve got yourself one of the world’s most extreme motor races. These wild races take place all across the globe, with drivers journeying from all continents to test their vehicles not just against each other, but against the most difficult environments possible. Whether it’s the Gumball 3000, Malaysia’s Rainforest Challenge, or Mexico’s Baja 500, drivers in these races push both their driving abilities and their souped-up vehicles to the limit.

Below, we have a guide from Vertu Lease Cars detailing the world’s most extreme motor races, featuring notoriously dangerous races spanning entire continents, through jungles, frozen tundra, mountains and more.