Stuck in a Boring Routine? Book a Day Room To Find Some “Me” Time

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.08.33 PMWe all need some valuable time to ourselves, but in today’s fast-paced and busy world, it’s often hard to find that much-needed dose of downtime to kick back and relax. Treating yourself to a mini-vacation or hotel stay might be just the thing you need when it comes to taking some time out of a busy schedule to decompress and enjoy yourself.

Feeling put-off by the idea of booking a day room at a hotel? Don’t fret; services like Hotels By Day are erasing certain stigmas and associations that come along with daily or hourly hotels and motels. You’ll have to think of it in a different way, says Mashable. In actuality, these daytime-only bookings are perfect for travelers looking to nap or shower, or anyone looking for some downtime during a day trip or in-between work and play.

Here are six suggestions for when a day room might be your perfect option:

1. Focus on a Project

Sometimes, a change of scenery is exactly when you need in order to finish a project or get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re collaborating on a professional project or just need a private space to work on your novel or art for a few hours, booking a hotel room for the day is the perfect way to relax, pamper yourself, and get your work done without responsibility or interruption.

2. Beat the Layover Slump

Ah, the biggest of travel woes: the layover. Stuck in a city for hours and hours until your next flight? Don’t just down your sorrows at the airport bar; make the best of it and book a hotel room for the day. You can easily turn your layover into a bit of an adventure by exploring the locale, getting something to eat, and having access to a private bed and shower.

3. Avoid the Coffee Shop Shuffle

If you’re in the city for the day to attend some spaced-out meetings, interviews, or appointments, finding a place to hang out in between can be tiring. Bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop in search of free Wi-Fi and a restroom can start to wear you down, especially if you’ve got a lot of personal items to carry along with you, such as a portfolio. Booking a room not only gives you a “home base” while you’re in the city, but also a private place to relax, nap, or freshen up in-between appointments. Plus, it gives you a place to safely store your belongings.

Additionally, you can make a fun day out of what would otherwise seem like a string of duties. Done with your appointments? Take the rest of your booked time to explore the city at your leisure before heading back home.

4. Stop off for some Shopping

Of course, you might also be in the city for the day for something else: shopping or recreation. Again, booking a hotel room for the day gives you (and any friends and family accompanying you) a place to stop off and relax for downtime, to store your belongings, or freshen up. There’s nothing like having a private bathroom or a place to take a nap when you’re out all day far from home. If the thought of traveling for a couple hours to spend the whole day on foot in the city makes you feel exhausted, booking a room for the day is your convenient, comfortable solution. You might even want to throw in a relaxing trip to a spa during your “daycation”, as Allure suggests in their listing of the top New York day spas.

5. Recharge Your Road Trip

Whether you’re traveling across the country or just a bit of distance across the state, you’re going to need to stay in a hotel at some point. The thing is, you might not always need one for an entire night’s stay. Perhaps you’ve been driving since the wee hours of the morning and just need a place to stop off for a few hours before embarking on the final leg of your trip. Or perhaps you find yourself passing through a town that you didn’t originally plan to stop in, but now you’re having the urge to take a break and explore. Add something unexpected to your trip!

6. Get Ready for a Night Out

If you’ve got a big event, party, or special night out after work, the commute home and back might leave you pressed for time—or there might not be time for it at all. Booking a chunk of time during the day at a hotel will give you a place to stop off, freshen up, get changed and ready—without the stress. This can come in handy especially if you’ve got a lengthy commute between your home and your workplace.

The next time you find yourself in one of the above situations, you might want to give a day room a shot. Take some time to yourself to explore and recharge, and discover the benefits of booking yourself a tiny stay for a day.