Things to Consider Before Traveling Abroad in Europe

So you’re getting ready for a long August holiday in Europe? Before you stow all of your suitcases in the boot and get ready to drive out the driveway, here are some reminders to make your trip smoother and a bit easier.

First of all, what about money?   Is your wallet now fat with euros, anticipating peeling them off one after another at every stop?  There is a better way and that is the UK post office travel money card, where you can get a card that acts like cash.  No need to tempt fate and carry a big billfold, just buy a card like this, and maybe another for your traveling mate, and your good to go.

OK, how about your passport?  That photo does look a bit old—is the thing expired?  You would hate to make it all the way from the carpark to the airport terminal and be chagrinned to find out that the expiry date next to your out of date photo is also, gulp, out of date. And don’t laugh.  Famous travel writers have been stopped at the airport for such a silly thing.

So make sure your passport expiry is way, way in the future. In some countries, you might even get a hard time for having the expiry date be too close to the present date. So renew that passport!

Now, what if something goes wrong—you slip off a dock,  you suddenly get deathly ill from a bad plate of clams in Spain, or you break your leg while waterskiing on Lake Como?  For this, you need to know about the new European Health card, which you can find and apply for easily at

   The old E111 form is no longer valid, in case you still have one. The old E111 paper form has been replaced with the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). the card holder will have access to state-offered healthcare in Switzerland and all European Economic Area.

It is advisable for all UK residents traveling abroad to carry these cards. It should be ensured before every trip that the card is valid; EHIC is valid for up to five years. you can apply using our website.