Dubai: Adventures on Land and Sea

The Marina in Dubai. Habeeb Salloom photo.
The Marina in Dubai. Habeeb Salloom photo.

Let’s say you’ve got a business trip to Dubai. It may be a global business hub, but you might also consider enjoying some sightseeing and fun while you’re there. For this, we suggest seeing Dubai by air and by water, and there are many options for tour companies who can assist you.   If you’re heading to this business hub of the Middle East, Southall Travel offers a range of holiday packages to Dubai, with many lodging options.

On TripAdvisor, you’ll find participants raving about a combination of seaplane, water taxi and walking tours, and others who loved seeing the wildlife in the desert near the city. It may be very hot in Dubai, but there are many great ways to cool down.

Dubai is definitely a city with a lot of incredible sites to see from above. Just imagine seeing the Palm Jumeirah, the entirely man-made palm-tree shaped islands in the gulf. Or how about the deep red color of Ferrari World, the theme park built as an homage to the favorite ride of Emirati princes and royalty. And what goes better with a plane than a yacht…you can go on a number of luxurious yacht tours in Dubai as well.

If you want something a little less pricey than the yacht and seaplane, how about going fishing off the Palm?  A day trip includes bait, gear, food and drinks. Types of fish that we catch : King Fish, Queen Fish, Grouper, Cobia, Barracudas, King Barracudas, and Giant Trevally. Up to six people enjoy trolling and bottom fishing about 25-45 kilometers from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

If you are a keen fisherman or woman then there are plenty of fishing trips that you can go on where you can go on six-hour packages on 35-foot fishing boats that then transfer you to a larger yacht for a barbecue, cooking up all of the fish you caught, You can invite more people—from six to 16 to come feast with you as well. Dubai really is a superb holiday destination!