Culinary Hotspots Around Europe

Moeders in Amsterdam
Moeders in Amsterdam
Honest Burger, London.
Honest Burger, London.

Europe is home to many amazing restaurants which offer great quality at reasonable prices, but the trick is knowing where to find them.  With different cultural aspects, you can be sure to experience some culinary treats on your travels.

You may want to experience what it is like to have a traditional croissant for your breakfast in Paris, or try an appetizer of Gazpacho in Spain. Most European cities are known for certain aspects of their food and it is worth trying to find some local restaurants so you can whole-heartedly experience this.  Below is a list of some of the most popular European travel destinations and some of their most well-loved eateries.


When it comes to looking for somewhere to eat in Amsterdam, you’ll be spoilt for choice. After a day at the Rijksmuseum or wandering the canal ways, why not try Moeders for some elegant Dutch fare, or Loetje for an incredible steak and chips dinner.

Amsterdam is a city made for walking (or cycling) and after a strenuous day, there’s nothing better than having a good steak for dinner before you relax for the evening in a locally owned apartment.


Berlin is as dramatic, artistic and individual as a city can get.The architecture is a beautiful mix and the eateries are endless, presenting us with an enviable but slightly arduous choice of food. There’s a lot of Turkish influence here, but don’t expect the same kind of kebabs you’d find in the UK.

Visit Gel Gör or TadimLahmacun for lamb based dishes which exude both heartiness and finesse in equal quantity.

Le Bistro des Dames, Paris.
Le Bistro des Dames, Paris.


Paris needs little introduction when it comes to fine cuisine, but finding somewhere affordable and which is of a high standard is a different matter. The Right Bank towards the Bastille is reasonably priced and good quality, but you’ll find many other delights just off the beaten track.

Le Bistro des Dames exudes a lovely atmosphere and remains genuinely Parisian, and there’s good reason for the queues at Chez Omar (just make sure you get there early).


Barcelona is a popular tourist destination and after spending the day wandering around looking at the amazing Gaudi architecture or experiencing the many museums Barcelona has to offer, food may be high on the agenda.People often forget that Barcelona is near the sea, so seafood is a real speciality here.

Find culinary comfort in the authenticity of El Racó del Mariner or splash out at the Michelin Starred Moments restaurant.


London has a vibe more akin to New York and this is often reflected in the food.For anyone who has never been to Honest Burger, you’re missing a treat – they are renowned across London.Growing to six locations in the capital and sourcing all their produce locally, they have made a real splash in the capital.

Alternatively, head for Pizza Pilgrims in the heart of Soho, where you’ll find another staple dish – pizza – which has been made into an art form by two brothers.