How to Void Your Travel Insurance Coverage

Travelers bound for exotic locations in 2014 need to consider whether where they are going will bring them close to danger or misfortune and if so, what type of travel insurance they might want to purchase before they take flight.

Though many a traveler might have breathed a sigh of relief that they had the policy when they got sick, broke their leg, or had to be evacuated, it’s important to review your policy before you travel, so that you understand what’s covered and what is not.

If you, for example, get mugged and never report that stolen iPad or laptop to the local authorities, your travel insurance provider may deny your claim because you don’t have all of the documents they require. It’s a good idea to call your insurer before you file a claim to ask them what information they’ll need.

If you have an existing medical condition, make sure that you purchase a policy that provides coverage for existing medical conditions in case an old hip injury should flare up and cause you to cancel your trip.

If you’re heading for New Zealand where skydiving and bungee jumping are popular tourist attractions–don’t expect all policies to cover these dangerous pursuits. Read your policy to learn about what exclusions may apply.

If you get drunk and get into an accident, fall down, or lose the ability to see out of your beer goggles, yep,  you may have a hard time making a claim as many policies exclude claims that are caused by the use or abuse of alcohol.. To read more about travel insurance and find out what policy might be best for you,  visit Allianz Global Assistance.