Rome’s Just a Quick Flight Away!

A Vespa in Rome.Rome is known as many things; “The Capital of the World,” “The Eternal City,” “The Threshold of the Apostles.” You wont have a problem finding a budget hotel in Rome. Rome is the third most often visited city in all of Europe.

However, the days of Ancient Rome and Roman Gods have come and gone, but the mythology and history are still alive. Rome, Italy today is a large metropolitan hosting thousands of visitors from all corners of the world. Travelers come from everywhere to catch a glimpse of ‘the Eternal City’.

Weekend holidays in Rome should definitely be on your bucket list for 2014!

The hotel scene in Rome is exciting. You can find everything from your run of the mill chain hotels to restored mansions and historical buildings. Since Rome is such popular tourist destination there are plenty of budget hotel options for all sorts of travelers. All though the hotels in Rome don’t especially cater to families on vacation, a little research will lead you to ones that do. Couple who are vacationing will find a much larger selection of really cool budget hotels in Rome. The city of Rome is large to say the least. Some areas of the city will be far cheaper than others. It just depends on where you will be spending your time in Rome.

Since Rome is so large, it is hard to pick just a few of the best budget hotels that it offers. Each area of Rome offers plenty of budget hotels for any sort of travelers, but some of the more popular ones include; Hotel Nardizzi Americana, Hotel Mariano, and the Hotel Hiberia.

The Hotel Nardizzi Americana offers up plenty of cozy luxury in a great location. The hotel was an old pensione that was transformed into a hotel in 1922. Hotel Mariano is located in the historical center of Rome, making it perfect for those who are in Rome to explore its exciting history. Hotel Hiberia is another hotel locate din the historical center of Rome. The hotel is within walking distance to a number sights.