Denver Is a Hive of Creativity and Some People Would Live Nowhere Else

Denver's historic Union Station.

Denver’s historic Union Station.


During my last trip to Denver, I toured the city with a local man who truly loves the place. “I could live anywhere in the US, ” Johnny told me,  “But there is no place as exciting as this city.”  What was it that made him go gaga for the Mile High City?

It wasn’t the beloved NFL sports team, the Denver Broncos. No, he wasn’t a sports fan.  It was simply that to him, no city has as much energy and vitality and few cities can match Denver’s role as the true capital of the entire West of the USA. He said in Denver people don’t ask ‘what do you do? or where did you go to college’ …instead they ask ‘what have you created, what businesses have you made?’

First we toured the place where Johnny works. It’s called The Hive, and it’s a converted factory building that brings together creative types from all walks of business into one common space.  Johnny’s PR and Branding agency has a large staff that works there and the entire wall is open to a common area where people rent space–they bring their laptops and they work on big tables, sharing conversation, a great cafe, and ideas. None of these freelancers needs more than their laptop…they just like having a place besides home to call their office.

When I was in Denver I wasn’t sure which of the many Denver hotels to stay in.  My choice ended up being the JW Marriott Cherry Creek, which is a high-end hotel in a nicer area of the city. JW Marriott, of course, is famous for super luxury properties and a level of service that’s outstanding. The only downside is that when I met Johnny for a drink there, they hit me for about $10 for a beer. But it’s a penthouse bar with outstanding views, and my conversation about the city with him made it all worth it. His love of Denver was contagious!

Many other guests raved about this hotel, it’s the third most popular hotel in the city.  Other aspects of Denver are exciting, including their great Union Station railroad center that is rejuvenated and brings new life to this part of the city. Denver, as Johnny would say, is definitely the place to be!