Pick a High Floor Suggest Hotel Reviewers in London

Where to stay in London?   To answer this question I usually try to find reviews from people who have recently stayed there.  London can be an expensive place to stay, and you can also have trouble finding the right hotel to stay in. To avoid making a bad move, I always try to get  up to date reviews of the place from recent travelers.  Grange Hotels have a great range of central London hotels.

In the case of the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London for example, here are some tips about which rooms to pick.  It seems to be a consensus here that the higher the room you pick, the better.

“Ask for the opposite side of the hotel to the church/Gherkin for a better view.” (Laurensview)

“Ask for a high room, even floor 7 offers a lot of views of air conditioning units!” (Jon0781)

“Not a syndicate room…. also check your AC works before you unpack etc… ours did not which seems a common issue and we had to change rooms at midnight which was a bit of a pain!” (Timandjesus)

“Basic rooms are just as good as an upgrade – you just lose out on a couple of armchairs and a bit more space.” (AndrewDewhurst)

“Outside rooms get a view of Tower Bridge if at the front and high up” (MaggieT490)

“Higher the floor better the view” (BGW30)

I also like to see what the ratio of good reviews to bad is. In the case of this hotel, 574 are excellent and 382 are very good. That’s out of a total of 1093 reviews. Only 55 or so said it was poor or terrible. So I think I’d be pretty confident going ahead with booking the Grange Hotel, but I’d definitely pick a higher floor room!