Is British Columbia Really as Beautiful and Wonderful as they All Say?

What is it about Vancouver and British Columbia that makes people so excited? When I told my friends about my upcoming trip there, almost nobody didn’t say “it is sooo beautiful up there. You’ll love it!” After the fourth friend said exactly the same thing, I began thinking about how excited I am got be finally en route.

But before I could set foot in this place that everyone raves about, I had to do some basic research. For this, among other places I turned to This is sort of the home grown Craig’s list of Canada, and it supplies all manner of ads that can solve all manner of issues travelers have to sort out.

The first great find was an apartment across the water from Vancouver in Victoria. There was a photo of the place and very detailed descriptions that provided me with lots of great info. And there were a lot of photos too.  I was originally planning on staying the whole time in a hotel but when I found this deal, it made a lot of sense to just book our own apartment for the duration…the nightly fee was way, way less.

A few years ago, I met some people traveling across New Zealand in an RV. It turns out they had bought the RV down there, using an similar online service to Canadianlisted, and so I go to thinking: If I really like British Columbia as much as everyone is saying I will, maybe I could just find an RV on this site and drive around for a while until I sell it the day before I leave!