Tarragona Spain Offers Beaches, Ruins and a Human Pyramid

Roman amphitheater in Tarragona, Spain.
Tarragona Spain’s ancient Roman amphitheater. photo by Karina Halle.

Tarragona is one of Spain’s ancient treasures. It’s located about 90 km from bustling Barcelona and 534 km from the capital city of Madrid. It’s not on the Costa Brava, instead, it’s on the more pristine Costa Daurada. There you can find blissfully bare beaches, ancient Roman ruins, cheap accommodations and lots of culture.

Karina Halle wrote about Tarragona on GoNOMAD Travel, and called the best attraction the Museu d’Historia de les arms. It’s an antique arms museum with a treasure trove of old swords, guns and other arms. Great for the rare rainy day you might encounter on your holiday.

Another unique entertainment attraction is a festival where a human pyramid is constructed. Up to nine stories of locals cleverly assemble into a gigantic pyramid.

It has to be seen to be believed! Halle recommends a campground called Las Palmeras as one of the best places to stay in Tarragona. They have bungalows you can rent cheap that sleep up to six people. And the shoreline is only steps away, with a sparkling swimming pool and a grocery store.