St John’s the Perfect Place to Perfect Your Tennis Swing


Caneel Bay on St. John, US Virgin Islands
Caneel Bay on St. John is an excellent place to perfect your tennis swing.

On St. John, in the US Virgin Islands, there are many things to attract American and European travelers. One of them is Caneel Bay, a Rosewood resort that caters to tennis players.  It traces its origins to Laurence S. Rockefeller, who was a tennis player himself. Roger Cox wrote about Caneel Bay in a Travel article about the top ten tennis resorts around the world.

One thing the resorts founders did that was smart was to donate a lot of land for a national park right near the resorts one and two bedroom shingle roof structures.  So there is a forest, not more condos, as the resorts backdrop.

Many people choose to rent condos in  St John during their stay, avoiding the high per room charges, but still not going the camping route, which many visitors to this most natural of the Virgin Islands often do.  You will find a bunch of different possibilities at FlipKey, a new vacation rentals website founded by TripAdvisor.

Whatever your price range, from a poor working stiff to a Rockefeller-relative yourself, you’ll find dozens of St. John vacation rentals on this lovely island in the Caribbean.