Why My Uncle Dave Chose Hilton Head for his Retirement Home

Bike path at Sea Pines, HIlton Head SC.
Bike path at Sea Pines, HIlton Head SC.

After my uncle Dave retired from many decades as a New York City adman, he decided to choose exactly the place he wanted to live. With a significant nest egg saved up, he could go anywhere.  He chose to settle for his retirement in Hilton Head Island South Carolina.

Why did he choose Hilton Head?

It came down to his love of golf, his passion for being on the water, and his desire to find an affordable yet comfortable condominium where he could live and never mow another lawn, paint another fence, or worry again about making a long commute to the Big Apple. He also wanted to have four seasons, unlike what he might expect from living further south in Florida.

When he first moved south, he looked for Hilton Head Rentals.  That’s the logical first step to making the really official transition and buying his own place. Soon it was clear that a place where he had once gone for vacation had become his full time residence.  He looked for a local company there.

There are many large mega-corporations that offer vacation rentals, like HomeAway, and even the large hotel chains, like Hyatt and Marriott. But if Hilton Head is where you want to rent, the best advice is to find someone who lives there and knows the island like the back of their hand.   The choice in this case would be Island Getaway, which takes a hands-on approach to managing their vacation rentals, and condo rentals on the island.

I got an email from Dave the other day, and he said he is still loving living down there with his little motorboat to cruise around in, and meeting his pals for frequent rounds of golf. Sadly he had to have his knee replaced so his golfing has been put on hold. But soon enough, he’s going to be back to his three times a week regular regimen of hitting the fairways, and continuing his study of his family genealogy. A book is in the works, I hear, now that Dave’s discovered he has much more interesting relatives, going back to before the revolution than he ever thought he had.