Hostelling International

Hostelling International has made a commitment to keep alive the spirit of hosteling within the US. Their hostels can be found in almost every major city, and are equipped with clean kitchens and handy accessories. Although they can

Hostel Common room.

resemble miniature hotel rooms, they retain typical hostel pricing. for the budget traveler, Hostelling International offers the perfect lodging option.

With higher scale amenities and services, HI hostels have greatly improved the quality of their accommodations. But has the number one reason for hostelling been lost in translation?

Exactly how cheap are HI hostels?

In addition to the annual $28 fee, most HI hostels will run you between $30 and $40/ night. Prices have been known to fluctuate slightly during the high season, varying by location.

With hostels in locations such as New York City, Boston, Washington DC, and Santa Monica, $35/night turns ‘a steal’ into an understatement.

“For us, hostels aren’t just a place to stay. They’re about providing a forum for travelers to connect and build a sense of community.” Says Mark Vidalin.

We try to facilitate connections with local communities so travelers can get a real sense of whatever part of America they happen to be passing through. Hostels aren’t just about staying overnight somewhere, they’re about the journey and what you do while you’re there.”

HI recently committed to making each of their US hostels eligible for the International Youth Federation. This translates into a hostel with a mission that extends far beyond simply affording weary travelers a place to stay.

By Peter Sacco, travel writer for