The Flying Fish Eco-Village: An Unknown Paradise in Western Fiji

If you’re dreaming of an alternative tourism vacation, Adam Curren has discovered it for you on the Flying Fish Eco-Village, a self-sufficient community located among Fiji’s most western islands. Harvest your own food, sleep like the locals in a “bure”, and take in the laid-back culture. Read about Adam’s experience during his personal escape to Fiji!

A hut at the Flying Fish Eco-Village on the Island of Matacawalevu in Fiji. Photos by Adam and Jordan Curren.

Fiji’s Dark Past and Bright Future

Water this blue can make you emotional. We’ve just completed a journey that took us from the U.S. Rocky Mountain Front Range, to an Island Paradise in Western Fiji. Our journey is bohemian in nature; we seek adventure, but also a simpler way of life.

After a few days on the mainland of Viti Levu, we feel oriented and prepared enough to continue our journey to Fiji’s Western Islands. We embark on a magnificent yellow cruiser named the Yasawa Flyer that will take us to our final destination.

Not only is there an air of euphoric adventure surrounding this paradise nation, but as with many things, it too has a dark past that attributes to a feeling of mystery while visiting.

Formally known as “The Cannibal Isles” Fiji’s history is steeped in this rather barbaric practice.

Fortunately, the last recorded act of cannibalism in Fiji was in 1867, and the nation has condemned its practice ever since. Today, Fiji is considered one of the safest places to visit, not to mention being home to some of the friendliest people on the planet.

The Europeans are Coming!

Upon exiting the Yasawa Flyer, we scurry onto a series of smaller skiffs that buoyantly carry us to our final destination. As we approach the Flying Fish, we spot a couple of dark men sitting cross-legged on the beach, curiously looking in our direction. Like newborn cattle, we fumble off the 13-foot (3.96m) rig onto pristine white sand beaches, and with nervous-excitement, make our introductions.

The Flying Fish Eco-Village: An Unknown Paradise in Western Fiji