Part 5: A deeper look at Off Track Planet’s Top 10 Backpacking Travel Destinations for 2010

Here is the final look at Off Track Planet’s Top 10 Backpacking Travel Destinations for 2010. I’ve been counting them down, so to speak, taking a closer look at a compilation for travelers around the world with categories to help them find their pick. By taking a closer look, I’ve been turning to GoNOMAD writers who have first hand experience traveling to these places and comparing whether or not they agree with Off Track Planet. So far they have been spot on.

Next up is Nature Filled: Bolivia. Off Track Planet writes “Bolivia offers backpackers some amazing nature-related perks. This place has salt flats, sand dunes, zip lines, exotic animals and plants, incredible rolling green hills and enough ancient ruins to overload your senses into oblivion.”

GoNOMAD writer Molly Beer agrees in her headline alone Magical Realism: The Land, Salt and Water of Southwestern Bolivia and continues to agree throughout the piece. “Day two and three followed suit with wonders. The landscape was ever-changing and never expected: the water and the rocks first were red, and then turquoise and green with minerals an microbes. The creatures we came across were unearthly, let alone unlikely in their barren, windswept habitats.”

Following suit of course is Hottest Locals: Brazil. The only explanation they give for this one is humorous. “With so many beautiful people in the world, how do we pick just one place as the home of all that’s hot? Easy: Nakedness that’s how.”

Although GoNOMAD has an entire page dedicated to stories about Brazil none spoke specifically of all the naked people. However, I did find one article more humorous in tone about the culture and people, “Walk Like a Brazilian” by Robin Sparks. As she writes about trying to become one with the culture she gives this image:

“Take, for instance, the way women walk in Brazil: From the waist up, they stand tall and straight, necks long, chins tucked in. They place one foot directly in front of the other and their hips sway with exaggeration. I shadow local women at the mall and on the streets to learn the walk. Initially, it takes great effort not to charge forward, leading with my head. But after a few days I too am sashaying like a Brazilian without giving it a thought. I buy rubber flip-flops and a tight pair of low-rise cropped jeans that were great as long as I didn’t sit down. My dark hair and light eyes, an anomaly at home, are commonplace here, as is the aforementioned abundant bunda. I am on my way to Being Brazilian.”

Lastly, Off Track Planet awards the overall best destination for backpackers to travel in 2010 to Columbia. Their reason: “Our best overall spot goes to a destination that embodies all the qualities of our top 2010 list and, to spice it up, adds a little danger into the mix. A long-time “no go” zone for Americans, Colombia is 2010’s hottest backpacking destination.” They explain it is now safe to travel there and it is cheap with beautiful sights and beautiful people. They add “Besides, a little danger always makes for a good time in paradise.”

Funny enough, I am working on editing a story about Columbia. I will be sure to link to that here when it is posted!

Hope everyone enjoyed Off Track Planet’s list, with some extra information and guidance from GoNOMAD.