Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’

Back in July, GoNOMAD’s Senior Travel Editor Kent E. St John posted“Three Queensland Islands” describing not only the beauty of these islands but also about a contest taking place during his stay.

“Upon arrival on Hamilton Island I was given a tour of a very special villa, one that will become home to the winner of the best travel marketing campaign ever launched.

To win, a one-minute video had to be submitted stating the reasons why the applicant would fit the bill as caretaker of the island. The response was enormous.”

As an avid fan of traveling to islands, St. John finds plenty of entertaining things to do and interesting things to see such as getting a chance to hold a koala, beach hopping, and enjoying the comfortable resorts along the way. When the contest winner is chosen, he writes that the lucky man will have plenty to see and do as the island caretaker.

“The job is to spend six months based in a beautiful villa on Hamilton Island while exploring the rest of beautiful Queensland.

Blogs and accounts will be posted and the winner, Brit Ben Southall, will have his hands full.

Queensland has so much to explore. While I covered three islands, there are hundreds to see. Not to be missed are Queensland cities such as Cairns and Brisbane. In fact Queensland has jumped from my must-see list to the must-return one.”

After reading about this exciting contest I decided to see for myself what Ben Southall has been up to and blogging about. Sure enough, as St. John expected, he has an extensive blog filled with all the activities and sights an adventerous traveler could look for. Now that it appears his time in Queensland is done, he has now expanded his blog to other adventures around the world. I must say, in my eyes, he really does have the best job!