RV-ing Around the World

Stephen Hartshorne sums up the new book by David Rich, “RV the World,” in his GoNOMAD.com “Tips on How to RV All Over the World.” David Rich’s experiences from travelling are vast and vary. From all of his experience, he decided to write a book to encourage others to travel and enjoy some of the wonders and more of traveling that he got to encompass.

He has pursued freelance travel writing and exotic travel for sixteen years, living so far in more than 140 countries. However, with 191 countries in the United Nations (and 202 at the Olympics) he’s barely halfway through the list. He says he has “sold everything” and is “classically homeless.”

*Overlooking the phenomenal ruins of Ancient Petra, and definitely serene in remote Wadi Rum where Larry of Arabia hung out, both in Jordan,
*Watching a full eclipse of the moon atop an RV in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia,
*Surrounded by reindeer on lakes in Finland,
*On the waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden,

Anyone can enjoy such fun while seeing the entire world, all six drivable continents, at least those who buy the only book on the planet that describes how to purchase, sell and rent RVs most anywhere in the world, or ship them between continents, and precisely how much it costs.

RV the World illustrates the simplicity of international RVing, taking the reader along on the author’s three year RV expedition through all of Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and the Middle East, describing the ins and outs of RVing all of South America, Australia and New Zealand plus private vehicular travel through most of Africa and Asia.