Age Doesn’t Matter

Connie Maria Westergaard proves that age does not impact travelling. In her article, “Granny Goes to Greenland,” an 80 year old grandma finally gets to go on a trip to Greenland. She sees the lovely landscapes, sailing along icebergs, and dogsleding. Despite age you can enjoy all wonders of the world. Their Greenland vacation is displayed as fun, and relaxing, a great experience and wonderful sight.

However, due to the dry air it does not feel unpleasant. The sun is shining which makes the snow sparkle like a blanket of tiny little diamonds.

To our left is Ilulissat town, to our right are the mountains, and straight ahead out on the deep blue Disko Bay massive icebergs are floating around.

Grandma and I get ready for the ride of our lives, and an absolute ‘must do’ if you visit Greenland during Winter. Today we are going dogsleding.

Although it is a bumpy ride, it tickles your stomach when the sledge jumps over the big rocks. I must admit I am a little worried about Grandma, who is convinced she got the most speed-crazy driver of them all. We have to hold on tight in order not to fall off the sledge, and at times it gets rough. However, afterwards grandma has no regrets. That was an old dream come true back there, she says.

We are a modest company of 12 sailing out, and not much time passes before we literally bump into the first fragments of drifting ice.

Grandma and I are standing on the deck staring with disbelief up on the tall icebergs that surround us. Never before have we seen anything so magnificent and unspoiled as what is right in front of us.