Bicycling through Cuba

One thing is for certain, the Cuban landscapes are amazing, and unlike any other landscapes elsewhere. Matthew Kadey’s feature on “Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays,” not only demonstrates the beauty through pictures, but demonstrates the fun activities to partake it, especially bicycling.

The Cuba saturated with grandiose architecture among ancient cities, marvelous Afro-Latino influenced music and remarkably affable denizens just trying to make a go of things under the noose of the outdated U.S. trade embargo, a government that zealously squashes all capitalistic inclination and morale draining hurricanes.

For the cyclist, roads sans cars, bluebird skies, numerous and welcoming home-stays and the diverse topography of the Caribbean’s largest country are making Cuba an increasingly popular cycle touring destination. Where else do you have beaches and cathedrals and mountains cheek by jowl?

All in a caught-in-a-time-warp setting.
For most of the 40 some miles the road hugs the shore closer than a mother does her newborn. The ocean mist provides welcomed respite from the roaring mid-day sun. Still, I’m sweating like an overripe piece of pork vindaloo.

Each new curve in the rising and descending pavement unveils a view magnificent beyond words. To Tabi’s chagrin, I can hardly manage 10 minutes of cycling before needing to pull out the camera.