Always Pack your Powerstrip

Max Hartshorne complies a list of 15 very useful tips that make travelling much easier in his article, “I Wish I ‘d Thought of That” Travel Tips from a World Traveler.” These tips vary from products to bring, to where to sit on the plane, and safety precautions. All these tips will help make your trip safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Have your passport scanned and email it to yourself before you leave. Take all of your credit cards and copy them onto a piece of paper along with the phone numbers of the credit card companies so you can easily cancel them if they are lost or stolen.

Do the same with prescriptions if you would be in trouble without them; having that info makes refilling them much easier abroad. If you’ve emailed them they can easily be retrieved on line.

Tell your bank you are leaving the country so that when you use your cards abroad, they won’t think someone has stolen them and deactivate them.

If you have an iPhone, you can download a whole host of incredibly useful applications such as Skype — call any phone anywhere for pennies a minute or call any computer for free using your iphone handset. Other apps include translating, soothing ambient music for sleeping in noisy places, and weather forecasts for wherever you are.

Bring a small power strip that you can use to charge up your cell phone, camera, iPod and laptop. That way you only need one small adapter and you’ve got plenty of places to plug in your gear. No hotel in the world provides as many plugs as in the US, and it’s always hard to find that one electric plug in most hotel rooms.