A Perfect Tree-House

Who didn’t want a tree-house when they were young? Well picture this, a beautifully designed tree-house, perched above jungles and beautiful scenery, reachable only by zip line. Tourists flock to these amazing tree houses around the world. They overlook monumental, breahtaking environments and landscapes. These resorts are not only for beautiful vacation spots, but protect reserves. Readers get a look into Jeff Greenwald’s visit to Laos, The Gibbon Experience in paritular in the magazine AFAR.

“Six tree houses set within the Bokeo Nature Reserve in Laos form the heart of the Gibbon Experience. Created by French conservationist Jean-Francois Reumaux in 2005, GibbonX, as it’s known, is an effort to protect the reserve, 475 square miles of forest that harbors the endangered creatures for which the project is names, Poaching, logging, and slash-and-burn farming threatened the area until Reumaux convinced Lao authorities to let him set up a conservation-based business there. GibbonX aims to provide local villagers with an alternative, and more lucrative, livelihood: tourism.”

“Far above the Bokeo valleys arcs a network of steel zip lines, some stretching as far as 1,500 feet before terminating on the tree-house platforms.”

“Nothing prepared me for the sheer, shrieking exhilaration of zipping hundreds of feet above the ground, the tropical air on my face and the buzz of the rollers in my ears. It was like horizontal skydiving.”

“By sunset, we were back at the tree house. The jungle pulsed with life. I couldn’t see them, but i knew they were out there: clouded leopards, giant squirrels, barking deer.”