Bringing Out Beauty Worldwide

Today times are tough, and finding a job during this economic crisis is even tougher. Luckily there are very rewarding alternatives. If you are creative, interested in working independently, love to travel and meet new people, The Event Makeup Artist may be your best accomplice. Michele Des Groseillers has made a living as a traveling makeup artist. She has put together an instructional DVD and E-Book that you can get off of the website. The DVD is a 3 hour course that teaches you how to apply makeup to any face for any occasion. The DVD and E-Book also teaches you how to become a motivated self-starter and how to be your own boss. Once you are confident in your new craft, have the knowledge to find and keep clients, you are now ready to travel the world and bring out the natural beauty in people of all different cultures. Here are some exerpts from an interview with Michele Des Groseillers:

What made you decide to become a world traveler? Where have you been? Favorite places?

As a makeup artist I get inspired by different cultures, colors, ideas and textures. I have found that traveling and exploring different corners of the world has open my eyes and mind to new concepts and pushes me to try things that may not necessarily be considered “safe” in American design. I grew up in Montreal, Canada which is so rich in culture and diversity; from the architecture, to the food, to my visits to museums with my mom, I grew up constantly inspired. I also had the chance to travel to Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, France, Finland, Greece and Italy to name a few. My all time favorite and continues to be my favorite for years to come I’m sure is Paris. There’s no city in the world that comes close to Paris’ effortless elegance and beauty. There’s a fearlessness to push the artistic envelope in Paris that makes it an artist’s dream, especially one that works in fashion! Being a makeup artist has really allowed me to use my passion and creativity to fund and cultivate my love for traveling. I am always opening my mind and broadening my horizons and found a way to make it pay.

What made you come up with the Event Makeup Artist idea? Do you yourself travel and apply makeup as a living? Does it work well financially?

I was brought on to The Event Makeup Artist team to teach the DVD course and co-wrote the E-book. The course is such an affordable honest way to learn a new vocation that will really work well for you if you’re serious. It’s like any venture in which you are own boss; you have to keep with it. And, like all other businesses you have to set your prices accordingly. Know who your client is, what he/she can afford, and what rate makes it worth it for you. Once you find this balance for each gig you can just enjoy the fact that you are getting paid to be creative. There are suggestions in the e-book as well that show people interested in traveling as a makeup artist how to go about it. For example, keeping your eyes open and always look for jobs. Go to the more expensive resorts and hotels where ever you may be and leave your name and contact info with the concierge. (You can even throw him a finder’s fee to help you find clients.) These are places that host destination events and where wealthier women stay and are most likely going to be in need of your services.

What are the benefits of being your own boss? What are some challenges?

Being my own boss means that I have the flexibility of setting my own schedule. If I want to work non-stop for 3 months and take a month off, I can do that. If I only want to work weekends I can do that too. Being a freelance makeup artist allows me to work when I feel inspired and motivated and I work from ever I choose. I have my independence and don’t have to be tied down to one place. If I find a job in Buenos Aires I can work from there, all destinations are open to me. I would say that the overall freedom is the biggest benefit. With that freedom however, you also have to be prepared for some challenges. Since you are your own boss, it’s up to you to keep your motivation going. I’m a naturally super motivated person who has trouble sitting still, however if you are not a self-starter I would suggest implementing a strict routine to stick to keep your business moving at a good pace. I must say though that when you do have a good routine system in place, these challenges make it all worth it.

You emphasized that this business is great for travel. Does the DVD course guide touch upon different cultural standards of beauty and makeup?

There are definitely different styles that each culture has, and for that matter each individual. But, when it comes to the traditional idea of beauty, the universal ideal is symmetry. Beautiful faces from across the globe are considered pretty in more than one culture because of the symmetry, even spaces between features, lack of an unnatural defect on one side, and so on. When applying beauty makeup you are just trying enhance that natural beauty with out looking like you did too much. So, the real art is in flawless foundation coverage, giving the skin a light glowing look. But because people from all different parts of the world look different, they will require different methods of applying makeup. For this reason The Event Makeup Artist course covers six different models, Caucasin, Latin, African American, Asian, Male, and Mature/Elderly faces. After lessons all these models you should be able to color match and create a look for anyone. Once you know the application techniques for each group you just want to listen and pay attention to each client’s personal style, he/she will let you know what he/she is looking for.

What are some great moments/challenges that you personally have faced in this business or while traveling?

Traveling for a makeup job is always so much fun because you get to meet new people that work in the same field as you and you never really know what to expect. I always find it a bit of a challenge trying to downsize my makeup kit into a travel friendly size. Any makeup artist will tell you that we are forever changing and altering our products within our kits so it’s particularly difficult to downsize for travel. Also, with the new FAA laws forbidding liquids of 3oz or more to be carried on has been a huge challenge. I would always prefer to carry on my kit rather than checking in fear that my luggage would be lost and would then show up to work without makeup (which actually happened once…eek!), so now packing my makeup kit is always a huge travel challenge. I check my main kit, and downsize my liquids and bring on a “backup” set containing my liquids of 3 oz or less. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing people. Honestly, I have great clients that trust me and allow me to experiment with looks and ideas. Some of my greatest moments are when I am fortunate enough to be part of someone’s important memory, whether it is a bride or a birthday or a pregnancy shoot. I love being part of the process of making someone special and even more beautiful than they already are. Seeing the transformation from a shy person to a glamorous creature and the confidence that exudes from them at that moment always gives me chills.

Where are you now these days?

Right now I am back in Los Angeles after taking a 10 day vacation to Montreal. There I got to see the new Cirque du Soleil show which is stationed in the city’s old port every single summer. The show is called “Ovo” which revolves around the theme of a day in the life of bugs which was so amazing and inspiring! I have tons of ideas I want to create after a relaxing vacation in Montreal.