Amherst, MA: I Love this Town

Feeling a bit homesick for my old college town of Amherst, MA I decided to search GoNOMAD for any articles related to the area. Luckily, I stumbled across this gem written by Kevin McDowell about the places to be and see in Amherst; a quaint New England town with so many things to discover. Enjoy the excerpts!

“Antonio’s Pizza: Mentioned first for a reason. One of the best slices of pizza I have ever tasted, up there with the North End and New York City. The key is the crust, thin and crispy, but still somehow able to support the ludicrous amount of toppings on every slice. Pay no mind to the occasionally sarcastic or impatient counter workers; Antonio’s is a must visit on any trip to Amherst.”

Judies: Known throughout New England for their famous popovers. Expanded now into a huge winding space with comfy seating and great lighting.”

The Harp: You can find Harpo himself behind the bar here most nights of the week. Always talkative, usually joking with (or about) his guests, Harpo’s place is always a good time. You get the feeling he was born to run a bar. North Amherst, north of UMass at the end of North Pleasant St.”

“Riding the Norwottuck Rail Trail, a 10-mile bike path running from Belchertown to Northampton (another busy college town), offering views of local scenery, the highlight a rail bridge over the Connecticut River. Soon to be repaved, after someone decided that paving bike paths with recycled broken glass didn’t make much sense.”

The Amherst Chamber of Commerce has a walking tour of Amherst, highlighting more than thirty buildings and features of interest including the homes of the town’s two most famous residents, Emily Dickinson.

Amherst also has 20-odd walking trails named after famous writers. The town continues to be a haven for the literary with a number of indie bookstores and scores of writers and picturebook artists in residence.”