Flying with Fido

describes the ins and outs of airplane travel with his small dog, and provides readers with an airline by airline guide to carry-on dog policies.
Enjoy the excerpt below:

Dog Etiquette

On the day of your flight, show up to the airport two hours early for a domestic flight. You’ll probably need extra time at the ticket counter and to get through security with your small dog.

Instead of using the automated kiosks most airlines now have at their respective airport ticket counters, when traveling with your dog, you must check-in in-person, pay your pet’s airfare, and show the required paperwork related to your pet’s health.

Before entering the airport terminal, walk your dog. Once you pass through airport security, you’re technically not allowed to remove your dog from his carrier within in the airport, or at anytime aboard the aircraft.

What you do, however, within the airplane’s lavatory is your own business. During long flights, it’s a good idea to allow your dog to stretch out and take a small drink of water to avoid dehydration, which can be done in the privacy of the airplane’s lavatory. You might consider bringing along a disposable wee wee pad for your dog to use on extremely long flights.