Spring Tulips in Holland

Spring is finally here, and with it comes blossoming flowers. In an article for GoNOMAD.com, Dale Fehringer explores Holland’s beautiful scenery by bicycle, and ends up at the famous Keukenhof Gardens.
Enjoy the excerpt below:

Our cycling tour included a ride to Keukenhof Gardens, the famous bulb gardens we had heard so much about, and we were determined to get there. We had made our way through a long, tiring day, in which we were rained on and pedaled for hours into a cold wind.

We rounded another bend and the wind was still blowing strong, so we reached deeper to keep from turning back. But around this bend the wind blew us a wonderful perfume. Fields of purple hyacinth surrounded us; their bell-shaped buds in bloom.

The fragrance was everywhere. We stepped off our bikes and inhaled the elixir. We forget our freezing hands and aching muscles – this made it all worthwhile.

Now we could ride on.

At Keukenof, we were enthralled by the colors, made even more vibrant on this gray, cloudy day. There were tulip bulbs of every kind and they stood as armies of splendidly cloaked soldiers with their brightly colored headdresses a perfect symphony of color.