A Three Day Adventure in Kiev

Yummy! Some people go to Ukraine just to try the famous Ukrainian borsch with garlic (beet-based soup of about 20 ingredients) with pampushky (Ukrainian doughnuts), salo (salted pork fat eaten with garlic, onion, bread and pickles) and vareniky (tasty dumplings made from boiled or fried dough filled with potatoes, or sour cherries or sweetened cottage cheese, served with butter or sour cream.)

Ukrainian national cuisine is considered the richest and the most diverse among Slavic cuisines. We couldn’t resist trying their gorgeous borsch even though the hot weather didn’t favor eating hot soups.

Kievsky Tort is one more local specialty, a much newer invention compared to the dishes mentioned above. This is a layer cake made of crumbly raised wafers, hazelnuts, and something else extremely tasty.