Oudtshoorn, South Africa, inside and out

A new feature article on GoNOMAD.com by Carly Blatt shows a few unique ways travelers can appreciate South Africa’s natural beauty. The author recounts her experiences spelunking and quad biking–a few of the adventure activities that the region around Oudtshoorn is building a reputation for.

Different tours and adventures can be selected to suit your needs or desires depending upon what degree of physical intensity you’re comfortable with. Here’s a taste of some serious caving:

We emerged from the tunnel into rooms that we could stand up in, chock full of very dirty stalactites and stalagmites. The cave felt raw, not touristy like the other caves I’d been to. It felt like we’d discovered a place that few people had seen.

We climbed up a few rocks and soon faced two more crawl spaces, each longer than 35 feet. One was full of wet sand and was easy to slither on. Another had more rocks, followed by mud and freezing clear cave water.