A Day at the Beach in India

GoNOMAD Blogger Mridula Dwivedi writes about a day at the beach in India. She and her husband took the train from Delhi to a fantastic beach which she described in a new article on GoNOMAD.

We landed up at the Mangalore Central Railway Station at 9:15 in the morning (our train was late by 45 minutes) and the first task was breakfast. We saw a sign saying ‘canteen’ on the right hand side as soon as we walked out of the railway station ignoring all the auto-rickshaw drivers.

It looked like a worker’s canteen and they served three dosas to a plate with sambhar and another curry all for 14 rupees. We told them we need only one plate between the two of us and they were somewhat surprised.

Sesha did all the conversation as he is from South India and can speak Tamil and a little bit of Kannada. Stomachs full, it was time to figure out how to reach Surathkal.

Sesha is quite reluctant to ask for directions. So, I said to the canteen owner just two words, “Surathkal bus?” He said the bus number is 45, and then Sesha asked in Kannada the directions to the bus stop.
One of the many roads leading to the Surathkal Beach One of the many roads leading to the Surathkal Beach

We were told to take a right and keep walking. We saw a bus stopping near the road with number 45 written on it a little ahead and we hopped in.