Exploring the remote Little Corn Island of Nicaragua

Little Corn Island is a remote island 40 miles off the coast of Nicaragua that is accessible only by ferry from the near by Big Corn Island. It has no roads or vehicles, and is only 2 miles in size. In a recent article from GoNomad.com, Karina Zobolotny tells of her experience staying in the Island’s Ensueños Resort, which provides eco-friendly jungle cabanas and casitas for travelers wishing to fully emerse themselves in the island’s beautiful landscape.
Below is an excerpt from her article.

A Savory Experience

A private beach with white sand, clear ocean water and beautifully earthy cabins aren’t Ensueño’s only draw. Perhaps the best part is the food that is equally natural and artistic. The meals are created by a French cook, a lithe and eccentric man who spends hours in the kitchen whipping up culinary delights.

During my stay, I had a dinner consisting of fresh corn chips with guacamole, coconut infused rice and shrimp with mango chutney sauce, and a breakfast of fresh eggs (chickens also run around the property) with homemade bread and pineapple jam. The restaurant is in an enclave which resembles a hobbit’s house, but is filled with the warm light of candles and touches of art.

Chilling Out Caribbean Style

After spending one lazy morning lounging in the hammock with a view on my porch, I set off to the beach to snorkel and explore the water world. I had brought my own gear, but there are two dive shops on the other side of the island that have rentals, as well as offering snorkel and scuba excursions.

Snorkeling in the coral reef offered a new perspective to the ocean I had been admiring from my hammock. Throughout the water, vast species of fish swam about the rocks and coral; most impressive were the royal blue and yellow angel fish that darted away from me as I passed.

Here civilization is easily forgotten, “island time” prevails, letting hours slip into days. After three days I had to escape the peaceful isolation of Ensueños and venture back to reality.

The journey took me back through the trails of the tropical forest, on to the ocean ferry and into the tiny plane complete with crates of crowing roosters. Landing in the concrete jungle of Managua, I was left only with the visions of the real jungle and dreams of Ensueños.