You and Europe: Trip Giveaway!

Gather up all your home videos from your most recent trip to Europe and get to work. Come up with a catchy cultural clip and you could win an all-expenses paid trip for two to the country of your choice! Not for one, but two. What more inspiration do you need? Not sure how to get started, check out how to make a video. Or if you want to view other videos, take a look at unlimited inspiration! Read more below from, You and Europe!

“This is your chance to win a trip for 2 to the European country of your choice!

Are you traveling through Europe with a camera?
Have you been to Europe with a camera?

Make a video and upload it here to enter and win.

The most dazzling and romantic continent is waiting for you: thirty-eight countries with unique cultures, dozens of cuisines and great sights from the ancient to the ultra-modern, providing endless inspiration for your great travel videos.

It can be funny, poignant, romantic, serious or silly. Catch an aspect of the culture, whatever captures your imagination and tell that story in your own voice and in your own style. The only limitation is that it should not exceed 3 minutes in length.”

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