Win Travel Money!

You could do it all, scale the mountains of Fiji, learn Arabic in the markets of Israel all your wildest travel dreams. Create the most exotic and extraordinary itinerary, the best, most original journey will win a grant for $7,500. Read more below for more information or check out this travel grant from

“You can increase your chances of winning by conforming to the following criteria:

  • Your journey is extraordinary, involving insight into foreign cultures and remote countries
  • You have the ability to report regularly with travelogues, photos and videos about your adventures
  • Your planned journey is interesting to the members of the community

How to Apply!

  1. Create your own profile on
  2. Create a travelogue of your planned trip by putting the travel dates in the future
  3. For each stop of your trip, write one travelogue entry
  4. Describe in each entry what kind of highlights and adventures you plan to experience
  5. Write a short comment in the blog for the grant with a link to your travelogue of the planned trip.

All applications, which are on the blog till the 28th of August, will be considered for the grant.”