The Iguassu Falls

Each step closer to the falls leaves each visitor with an unsettled anticipation. These rushing waters of South America nearly double the size of Niagara’s Falls. To learn more, read the article below, Argentina’s Iguassu Falls: Niagara’s Big Brother.

“Since we were spending the night on the Argentinian side we began our adventures with an easy trek along the Upper and Lower Circuit trails. With this many waterfalls clumped together names like Floriano, Deodoro and Benjamin Constant (on Brazil’s side) and Santa Maria, Belgrano and Adam and Eve (on the Argentina’s side) help keep our bearings.

In a jungle so verdant and so wild, its a good idea that you shadow your tour guide closely. My high-energy Manhattan urbanite sprinted ahead of the pack and lost out on a train ride to the falls most fearsome precipice: Devil’s Throat.

Two thousand tons of water per second crash down in an apotheosis of rainbows and froth at Garganta del Diablo or Devils Throat. It’s even more breathtaking since it’s impossible to see into the abyss below.

Getting there takes several steel catwalks stretching from small island to small island. The anticipation builds with every step until it’s deafening roar and thundering views completely immerse you. With imagination, the sight resembles a gigantic vat or cauldron of mirky witches’ brew. It bumbles and hisses and spews humidity in all directions.

During a rare moment, the shutterbugs disperse and I’m left to reflect on how native tribes once worshipped this supernatural power. Our guide insists that a full-moon tour captures the mystery of the place more than in the day time. Absent of artificial halogens, the moon’s silver path illuminates the river from the banks up until everything dips to black over the edge. “ Check out!