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Wiltshire, England is filled with unexplained mysteries. It’s a town known for its supernateral experiences, and leaving travelers feeling eerie and unsettled. Read more below from, Wiltshire, England: Standing Stones, Crop Circles, and Visits From Outer Space.

“Walking through the eerie construction, I listened to the theories about its purpose. It’s still unsure the purpose Stonehenge served, but scientists and archaeologists throughout the world are still trying to find out with new theories and evidence emerging.

It’s thought the name Stonehenge originates from the Anglo-Saxon period – the old English word ‘henge’ meaning hanging (literally ‘the hanging stones’).

Stonehenge is believed to have been built in three stages – the first of which was a circle of timbers surrounded by a ditch and bank.

Deer antlers, believed to have been used as pick-axes, were found during excavations and testing has shown they date back to around 3100 BCE. There are also 56 holes, named Aubrey Holes after the 17th century antiquarian who found them, which date back to 3150 BCE.

The second stage is believed to have commenced around 600 years later, in around 2500 BCE, when it was rebuilt – this time using bluestones. These came from the Prescelli Mountains in South Wales, 380 kilometers (236 miles) away.”

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