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I just wrote an article for GoNOMAD on an up and coming hotel search engine called, VibeAgent. The website has a lot of great features. Its social networking capability gives it a friendly atmosphere similar to Facebook or Myspace. Read an excerpt from my article, VibeAgent: A Growing Social Network for Travelers.

“ is a fresh and innovative hotel search engine that helps savvy travelers find the hotel that’s right for them from the website’s unique social network. Anyone can become an agent and get the inside scoop on hotels from the community.
“I came across VibeAgent while reading a review of it on a blog; I can’t remember which one. My experience so far has been good. There is more interaction with other members than on typical travel sites and I like that,” said John Allen of Dallas.

After hearing all the buzz about VibeAgent, I surfed my way over to their website. After a few unsuccessful attempts to join, I was finally able to sign up. I entered my name, email, username and password and with a few more clicks I covertly joined the community as “Agent Jelley.”

After I was logged in, the website was simple and easy to use, and the community advice posted in each hotel review gave it a trustworthy vibe.
First I attempted to write my own review. And for an example of how to go about writing it, I clicked on one of their descriptions of a hotel located in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
Greenfield is a town over from GoNOMAD, in the heart of Franklin County, a town I know relatively well. I was shocked to find that the picture that came up by the description was a snapshot of the ocean. The description suggested that travelers would be able to enjoy the proximity of the nearby coast when really the closest beach is a two-hour drive.
So I accidentally encountered a small kink in the site. When I notified the site, they thanked me and corrected it right away.”
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