Bigger and better than ever – Dubai.

If you’re looking to go on a vacation to a place that has literally become the biggest and fastest growing place in the world… then a trip to Dubai would fare you well. The city which lies on rich oil laden lands has turned the city around into a city like no other. Deemed as one of the most expensive yet safest cities to live in, an article in the NY Times captured the essence of the city in the article – 36 House in Dubai

The busiest of the seven United Arab Emirates is growing so fast that its newest developments can only be measured in hummingbird flaps. Blink and you’ll miss the latest superlative. This way to the world’s tallest building. That way to the world’s largest aluminum plant. Coming soon, the world’s longest bridge. Over here to the world’s biggest mall — which, incidentally, is about to be usurped any day now by a bigger one.

This is a city determined to raise the bar — literally. If you ever thought the Great Pyramids of Egypt were missing tequila shooters and an observation deck, China Moon Champagne Bar is the place for you. Ensconced within the glass apex of the Raffles Hotel, it is one of the hottest — and highest — new bars in Dubai. But what makes it really memorable is not the giant pharaoh head guarding the stairway, or the 130 dirhams you’ll lay down for a glass of Veuve Clicquot. It’s the view: 360 degrees of twinkling sprawl stretching out to the Arabian Desert.

Emirates Airlines flies nonstop flights to Dubai from Newark Airport, starting at about $1,370 in May, according to a recent online search. Americans don’t need a visa to travel to Dubai, just a passport that is valid for roughly six months after your entry date. Some travelers who have Israeli stamps on their passports have reported problems being allowed entry, but Dubai has no official policy banning visitors who have also visited Isreal, as do some other countries in the Middle East.

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