Tu hablas Ingles??

The title – Do you speak English is one such phrase you might hear if you were traveling in Spain. But imagine if you could go to Spain and not have to understand or speak any Spanish at all?! On GoNOMAD they listed an article about a school of sorts in Salamaca, Spain where you eat, sleep, talk, and play in English. Participants from Spain go there to learn English – you would be the teacher more or less. If this is of interest read this clipping from Habla Ingles? English Language Immersion in Salamanca, Spain

Pueblos Ingles is not exactly a school for English. It’s more like an intense English ‘experience.’ It’s a unique opportunity for native English speakers to immerse themselves in Spain’s culture and people firsthand in exchange for just chatting with Spaniards.

And for the Spanish people, it’s like an intensive week-long English ‘sleep-away camp’ which gives them the opportunity to improve and practice their English-speaking skills the best way — by force of course.

For the duration of the week, they are forbidden to speak Spanish and must converse in and listen to English at all hours of the day… easy for me, not so much for them.

The idea scared and intrigued me at the same time — not only would I be able to travel for one week without spending a dime (that’s 15 cents in Euro), it would enable me to meet and connect with real Spaniards who mostly come from the professional business world — something often hard to do when you are a tourist.

The beauty of this program is your entire schedule is laid out for you. There is really nothing to worry about. I had my own small ‘villa’ that I shared with Potola, a sweet and hilarious flight attendant from Madrid.

Our ‘casa’ was just steps from the lobby and bar so it was so easy to stumble to bed before sunrise, and get up the next morning (even if it was only a few hours later) and just walk over to my next session of speaking English. There was no commute, no metro, no taxi. You just walked home in two minutes. Life was good.

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