The World Music Conference – Miami, Florida

If standing on your feet and making your body move to the dancing beat is something that makes you groove, then you should check out the World Music Conference in Miami, Florida. Every year music listeners from all over the world gather in sunny Florida for the one event that is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry, attracting music professionals from over 62 different countries. At the event, all aspects of the industry are represented including “technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers and more.” This coming week will mark the 23rd year of the conference and the 10th year anniversary of Ultra – the closing event – which is where top music artists can be heard in a live, two day, 15 hour event. Below is more information from The World Music Conference:

The music industry is engaged in a profound structural metamorphosis. CDR’s, MP3’s, download streams and other new technologies are forever changing the ways in which people create, buy, sell and listen to music. Such matters are among the many debated at Winter Music Conference.
The WMC program brings together informed professionals to present new ideas, discuss industry issues, and build new inroads for business development. Meetings and seminars focus on topics such as market strategies, artist development, copyrighting, publishing, writing contracts, artist management, distribution, radio, promotion, internet retailing, and the media, just to name a few.

The level of exposure WMC provides for artists and DJs is invaluable. WMC offers endless opportunities for DJs and artists to network and have their music heard by an international audience of music industry professionals. The Demo Listening Workshops, CD compilation, DJ & performance stages, DJ Spin Off and a host of other performance events, showcases and release parties throughout the week, provide limitless opportunities for innovative DJs and artists to break out of the box.

Venues throughout Miami feature a non-stop schedule of nighttime events showcasing legendary artists and DJs from all over the world. WMC also presents the International Dance Music Awards, revered as the premier annual awards event for the dance and electronic music industry. Ultra Music Festival, the largest music festival of its kind in the U.S., is the official closing event for WMC. Nowhere other than WMC will you experience such diverse and unique talents gathered together to share one week of exclusive music industry events.

Among the major themes of this year’s 23rd installment of Winter Music Conference are better and bigger. Much bigger. Just check the numbers:40,000 people are expected to attend various events; 20,000 area hotel rooms are booked; more than 1,780 artists and DJs will perform; over 85 venues will throw parties.

In short, Miami Beach and downtown will transform into a dance music city of sorts.

For more info on music, DJs, events and times, visit WMC