Bring on Bordeaux

Ahhh Bordeaux… a magical place, with excellent cuisine, beautiful people, and of course their wine. During my backpacking trip my friends and I made an extra effort to make it to the city as well as the country. When I was there I enjoyed taking wine tours in only a few of the many wineries throughout. My friends and I stayed in the cheapest hostel of our entire trip – at just $8 and night, we were in heaven. TravelLady Magazine wrote a great introductory article Welcome to Bordeaux:

The wines of Bordeaux inspire descriptions like “extraordinary balance” and “gorgeous showstopper,” but many people do not know there is actually a city of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is one of France’s largest cities and has some of the country’s finest 18th century architecture. Adventuresome chefs, hoteliers and winemakers are infusing both the city and its surrounding countryside with a welcome new energy. And an ultramodern new tram system provides service to most of Bordeaux’s neighborhoods. Nestled along the western coast of France, Bordeaux is lush with 2.3 million acres of vineyards. There are about 40 different wine regions, the four major ones are: Pomerol, Graves, Pessac-Leognan, St-Emilion and Medoc. Visitors to this region can stop at a chateau to taste young wines from the barrel and then, to complete the experience, enjoy a mature vintage of the same wine with dinner.

Like most wine capitals, Bordeaux has always been a good eating town, and its inhabitants are fond of its oysters with little sausages, foie gras, and roasted chicken, duck, and lamb.

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