Taos calls all skiers and snowboarders alike!

Despite the hopeful looks of spring arriving soon this February, the wintry weather outside tells a different story. Twenty degrees is a far cry from flower blossoms and green grass! I suppose I can’t retreat the skis to the basement just yet… there will be plenty of skiing to do after this snow storm is over. The east coast is not the only place that has been fortunate enough to have decent winter weather. The Midwest has been slammed this year with more snow than they have seen in years. GoNOMAD writer Steve Perez was fortunate enough to catch a taste of that fine snow. He had the chance to visit Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico which he described as “a magical place where Old Europe mixes it up with the Wild West.” Though despite the name however, Taos Ski Valley isn’t ONLY for skiers, just this past year, the once traditional skier only mountain, opened its doors to snowboarders too. This is just a clip from his article, “Taos Ski Valley Opens Up For Snowboards”:

Taos Ski Valley Inc., owners and operators of the West’s most challenging slopes, remains founding family owned. It is managed by Blake’s children and grandchildren. Founder Ernie Blake died in 1989.

The rates remain reasonable, (by ski resort standards) every meal is served up “family style.” Staff members pride themselves on learning all they can about their guests — not just their names, but their personalities, preferences and special needs.

Snowboarders Excluded Until Now

One such tradition held during ski season at TSV was just that. It’s been strictly skiers only, snowboarders need not apply. While “boarders” continued to overtake resort after resort in the U.S., TSV remained one of the lone holdouts among U.S. winter resorts.

So, traditionalists experienced a bit of a jolt when the ski valley’s owners decided that it was time to join the new millenium.
As of March 19, 2008, the Taos Ski Valley will become snowboarding country as well.
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