Spring is here!

Okay, it is not here yet, but if you are in or around the New England area this March you can catch a glimpse of spring at the 2008 New England Spring Flower Show from the 8-16 at the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston from 10-9pm. The show which is claimed to be the start of spring for the near 100,000 “winter-weary” visitors holds several different exhibits, competitions, and lots of entertainment. Here is a piece from the article:
The show is now in its 137th year and has grown to be the third largest flower show in the world.

This year’s theme, Rhapsody in Green, will be interpreted by over 35 landscapes and informational displays. Both the musical and ecological aspects of the theme will be explored in gardens featuring green roof technology, low-water and water-reuse gardens, recycled materials, as well as a central exhibit featuring a stage for live musical performances throughout the show.

Over 200 vendors will offer the best selection of plants, seeds, flowers, garden tools, outdoor furniture, landscape services and structures, and garden-related gift and artwork in the Northeast.

The free lectures and demonstrations at the Flower Show provide a wealth of information and cover a wide range of topics.

To learn more information on this event, make sure and visit the Mass. Horticultural website