XShot Photography


Do you ever want to take a picture of yourself with some cool background but have no one else around to do it for you? Rather than just sticking your arm out as far as it goes and having a bad picture as the result, now you can use a new product to help out.

The XShot works like a tripod to attach your camera and sticks it out from 9 to 37 inches. All you have to do is attach it safely and then take your version of a modern self-portrait. You can use the XShot just about anywhere, and it can be stored conveniently in your bag. It also has a lanyard to hang from your wrist.

Often times today you want to be able to take your picture wherever you go. If you’re alone it could be hard to find someone to take your picture. If you’re with a friend and both want to be in the picture, you’ll have to find another way. That is why the XShot is a new and cool way to make sure all of your photos come out just the way you want them to.

Visit www.XShotpix.com for more information on the product.