Keep on Traveling

This is my last blog entry, as my semester has ended and so has my internship. I want to thank everyone who read my blog and supported it, and I hope you enjoyed the articles I posted. This was my first experiment with a blog, and I hope that I did ok.

I’ll keep traveling and writing about it, so keep an eye out and maybe you’ll see some more articles from me in the future. All I can really say is keep traveling and looking for the stories about other experiences. It’s the best way to learn about a culture, and definitely the most enjoyable way to learn.

Whether you go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day or to Spain for Feria de abril, there are tons of things out there to experience, and you should try to see as much of them as you can. They’ll definitely help you understand your own culture better.

If you ever want to reach me, my new email address is

Take care!