Hasta Luego

“Hasta luego” is a phrase that has stuck with me since my days of living abroad in Andulicia, Spain. While it is also said in Hispanic countries, in Southern Spain, “hasta luego” is a light way of saying farewell because it indicates that you will meet again. Andalucians don’t like to say “adios”. It’s just too final.

I have enjoyed blogging on Travel Reader and bringing you with me to experience many nomadic journeys. While I started out this year by reading the adventures of others, I later discovered the world on my own terms as I traveled through Argentina, Portugal, and hiked across Spain.

As much fun as I had on my adventures, it was a pleasure to know that I could share my findings and experiences with others. The thought that I can inspire someone to further explore the places I write about or visit always brings a smile to my face.

One of my least favorite parts of traveling is saying good bye to the wonderful people that I meet. Similarly, I feel the same sense of nostalgia for the memories I have made this year with the staff and readers of GoNOMAD. It’s been a enlightening opportunity and better opened my eyes to the world.

While my trip with Travel Reader has sadly come to it’s end, like the Andulicians, I will only say ciao for now.

In the Fall I will return to GoNOMAD and write once more; this time from Japan. I hope you too will return and experience Japan with me as I begin adjusting to a new culture and time zone.

Until then, my best wishes for a safe and relaxing summer. Hasta Luego!