Castilla y Leon

When it comes to the panoramic views and nature you see on the walk, the camino is a delight for the five senses. Just the joy of grazing through the landscapes and mingling with the people can be enough to fill the heart to the brim with precious memories. However, if you want to do some tourism on the trip, the following areas of the province of Castilla y Leon are nice to take note of.

For example, appreciate the cathedral of Burgos. To enter the historic square which the cathedral rests on, you must cross a bridge with a castle like passageway. The cathedral takes up a neighborhood block and is an exciting structure decorated with high towers, jagged points, and statues of figures and images only found in one’s nightmares. Despite the fact the cathedral is Gothic, its very white and cleanly restored appearance makes the “building” look more romantic and alluring than threatening. In fact, many weddings take place here during the summer.Leon
Out all the major cathedrals to visit in the North of Spain, the cathedral in Leon is my favorite because it offers a large and splendid display of stained glass windows. Like the cathedral of Burgos, the one in Leon is also Gothic, yet has a more rustic and natural feel because it has not been restored on the outside. Leon is also famous for its impressive buildings ranging from mediaeval to avant-garde style. Something worth entering is the beautiful Basilica of San Isidrio. This romanesque temple has an old monastery that exhibits 12th century frescoes with scenes from the old testament, preserved in their original colors and is unique in what it presents.

Astorga is a small charming city that has a special place in the hearts of many pilgrims, especially if they enjoy chocolate. Astorga is a heavenly center for sweets. It is almost impossible to go for a walk in the city without having your mouth water. Each street is lined with window displays of an assortment of delicious pastries and chocolates in a variety of flavors (milk, dark, white, and more ). Here you can find the purest chocolate you will ever eat in your life (100 percent dark chocolate),there is even a chocolate museum in the center of the city!