Boston To New York

From Boston there are a few ways to get to New York City. If you are in a time crunch you can take an airplane. The airline company JetBlue has cheap offers whose costs are comparable to taking a Greyhound bus. If you book with JetBlue a few weeks in advance, you can get a ticket for as cheap as $74 (taxes included).

Yet taking the bus is a great choice. The ride goes by quickly and you can save a lot of money. If you book a ticket from Boston with Greyhound, it is only $35. Also, order three days in advance and save $10.(Avoid using PeterPan for this trip, they charge up to $25 more).

If your reason for entering New York is a day of tourism, know that Port Authority is only blocks away from Times Square. However, if you need to continue to the airport you will have no trouble making the connection. Upon exiting the Port Authority building, there is a running bus service to both the Guardia and the JFK international airports. The buses come by a few times an hour and cost $12.

There is one more option that can make your trip to New York even cheaper. The LuckyStar and FunWah bus are two Chinese bus companies that take passengers from Boston to New York for only $15. You can purchase tickets online or right before boarding the bus at South Station.

My first time, I went with the LuckyStar company but now prefer the Fun Wah company (LuckyStar does not seem to be as organized). A word of warning: While unlikely, sometimes the buses can arrive a little late or even have been known to get lost along the route, so be prepared for such inconveniences.

To continue to the airport, take the train around the corner from Canal street; once inside, ask how to get to Jamacia Station. From there you can catch the JFK AirTrain ($5) which goes directly to the airport. Check out the article JFK’s AirTrain to learn more about this alternative.