An International Adventure

I had many expections about what I would encounter on El Camino, but one thing I overlooked was how many interesting people I would meet from throughout the world.

Yesterday, after walking 27 Km to the lovely albergue in Larrasoña (Navarra), I looked around to realize that I am surrounded by citizens from everywhere. In the states, I am used to meeting people who have ancestors from various nations, but are third or fourth generation themselves. Yet, on the Camino, you can meet natives of many countries. To my left, a table filled with a Swede, Italian, French, English, Spanish, Canadian, and German person. To my right, another plethora of nationalities: 2 girls from Australia here just for walk, a Korean man, and another American. It was a beautiful to think about how much culture, experiences, and different perspectives I have access to.

Some suggestions after a day´s walk:

1. After a tiring journey, plunge yourself into a cold river. Wheter you go in a suit, in undies, or nude, do whatever it takes to refresh your body and feel alive again!

2. In Larransoaña, buy a bottle of red wine for 2€ upon paying for the night´s stay(6€) and share it! People will appreciate this and probally offer you a snack in return. At the very least, you´ll be sure to make a new friend.

3. Once you have some energy ( or immediately upon arriving) do your laundry. The places to hang your clothes get taken quickly and you want to make sure your things dry for the morning.

4. At least in Larransaña, avoid the dinner at the corner resturant. Knowing how great the food in the north of Spain is, I was dissapointed. Perhaps the resturant owners thought that because we were simple pilgrims, it was ok to serve simple food. While the salad was fine, the fish looked like a microwavable fillet.

5. If there is a grocery store around, buy enough food for breakfast. You are likely to start walking at 6:30 am and stores dont open until 9:30 am.

6. Finally, get to bed early, and if your body is in pain, make sure to use the appropriate medicine to lessen complications the following day.