Seven Days in Northern Spain: Part I

“Vale, vamonos,” is what they say here in Spain when they want to express the need to hurry up and get moving. Some say that the Spanish are lazy, but let me assure you, this is one stereotype that needs to be broken. While it is true that in some parts of Spain where it gets really hot, people work more slowly, the Spanish as a whole, are far from lethargic. In my experiences with the Spanish, I notice that they are passionate about life and socially active, rarely sleeping eight hours a night.

GoNOMAD has sent me on a pilgrimage through Northern Spain. For one week, I join four other journalists from various parts of North America and Canada to bring you, our beloved reader, all the hot tips and ins and outs of Northern Spain. Accompanying us is worldly Galician guide, Rosana. With her, we will be lead through the trail of the famous pilgrimage, El Camino de Santiago de Frances. We start in Bilbao and finish this adventure seven days later in Santiago de Compostella; here stands the great Cathedral holding the famous St. James’s body and waits to receive to pilgrims.

As it is my responsibility and due to my deep affection for Spain, I am going to make it my mission this week, to give you an ultimate taste for the country.

As a preview to what is to come this week, I want to empathize that the north of Spain’s strong cultural identity, is deeply rooted in the different languages of the region as well as its gastronomy, climate, and its architecture.