Moving On: Andulicia

Finally I am in Andalucia, the largest autonomous community of Spain. I took a bus from Sete Rios, one of the two train/bus stations in Lisbon. For fifty-three euros (seventy euros for those over twenty-six) I bought a ticket through ALSA ( the largest Spanish bus company)to Jerez de la Frontera. Jerez is a small town that is near Seville, Andalucia´s capital. Ultimately, my destination was Puerto Real, a suburb of Cadiz, thus I booked my ticket further than Sevilla. The ride took ages: eleven a.m. to ten thirty in the evening because we made several stops. If I could do it all over, I would revise my plan by taking the high speed train in Sevilla directly to Puerto Real and have saved a few hours.

Santa Justa Train Station, Seville

The train station in Seville was finished in 1991 and for a few more euros than one would pay for the bus, you get to tavel in comfort and luxary. While my ticket to Jerez cost me seven euros, I would have only paid four more euros for the train and arrived faster. Unless you are traveling on a shoe string budget, it is worth the extra cost. Also, for travelers hopping on and off the EuroRail pass, this is the center to connect to for getting to your next destination.