Chill Out Culture

In many parts of Southern Spain, it is becoming more common to see what is referred to as the “chill out culture”. This is especially true of the eastern part of Spain, as it is closer to the Spanish Island, Ibiza: from here the culture has its origin.

Upon arriving to Malaga, I could really feel the influence that this tiny Island has on its mother nation. In speaking with some of the natives, I was intrigued to learn more about the phenomenon and its followers. The next is my best interpretation of it, as well as places you can go to get a taste. Make sure to jot these hot tips down if you plan to be in the area because it is unlikely you will find them in tour books.What is it?
East of the Spanish Peninsula, the small island of Ibiza is a touristic Mediterranean beach heaven where people come to tan, feel hip and fashionable, and party like there is no tomorrow. During the day, when one walks into a café in Ibiza, they are not just coming for a quick drink. They come for the atmosphere, the relaxing lounge furniture, panoramic views (in many cases), and to socialize for hours with friends.

There are tons of these yummy hangouts throughout the island, but if you can´t make it to Ibiza, try Malaga, Granada, Seville or other cosmopolitan cities in Spain.

Who Goes:
The crowd that you see at one of these chill out cafes, restaurants, or lounges, is generally artsy and quite posh. While there is no specific rule of fashion to follow, many “chill outers” I have seen tend to wear comfortable but trendy attire. The only thing that sticks out in my mind for a MUST is the sunglasses. While most people in Spain invest in expensive sunglasses because the sun is so strong, the group I describe usually wears eyegear from Gucci, DKNY, or some other high end label. The more expensive your sunglasses, the more devoted you are to the lounge sport.

Also, while the people that follow this trend used to be only the more “hip” and “in-the-know,” this has changed over the past five years; now more Spaniards are aware of these once very exclusive locations.

On a whole, while I wouldn’t say the people who go to these places are unfriendly, they come to meet close friends, so I don’t suggest going alone, as you might feel a little left out.

Chill Out Places in Southern Spain,


Chill Out Cafe.
In the Sierra Nevada. African Lounge Beds, Panoramic Views, and House Music. Children Friendly.

Faragüit Café, Bar (Center of Granada)
Pretty Chill out environment with outside seating area in a tropical garden and large white umbrellas.

La Playa Bar
Beach side café; house music: sitting area inside and on the beach; great food; reasonable prices; super-lax lounge furniture in the shape of row boats. Also, make reservations for kite surfing lessons here (952 612 414; c/Albacete, 1).
AGH Hotel (You don’t have to be a client).
Spa resort with ¨Chill Out” floor on the top of hotel. Panoramic views, pool, restaurant, Africans Lounge Beds; house music.

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